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A big day today, as I have self-published my 2nd SAS-related book, Power User's Guide to SAS Programming, through It will, hopefully, be available through Amazon shortly, but in the meanwhile it can only be purchased through Like my previous book it is a collection of more SAS conference papers on a wide range of topics brought up-to-date with new content for SAS 9.1 and 9.2:

  • balancing processing and maintenance efficiency when programming in SAS
  • implementing a simple data warehouse using just Base SAS
  • using ODS to create spreadsheets, generate report files in parallel, and replay reports
  • using R to create content for SAS ODS reports
  • accessing SAS ODS through the web using Perl
  • building static HTML with Base SAS
  • using Enterprise Guide to control structured folders of SAS programs
  • a comparison of the functionality of Enterprise Guide with the Java interface to SAS Integration Technologies

Looks like my PROC TEMPLATE book for SAS Press will be my 3rd!

Please let me know if you do buy my 2nd book, and tell me what you think about it.