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It has been nearly a year since I had something significant to report, so here goes:

  • I've now started serious work on a new book with Kevin Smith from the SAS Institute on PROC TEMPLATE. He is the "author" and is writing about the text templates, like ODS Tables and Styles, and the new Lists and TextBlocks due in SAS 9.3, and I'm writing about ODS Statistical Graphics and Graphics Template Language. I've had 2 papers accepted for PhUSE 2008 in Manchester (UK) on book-related topics, which has given me a kick to start writing.
  • I've recently discovered Squidoo, a collection of single page web sites (called "lenses"), and created 4 lenses about SAS-related topics. Each lens can include a range of different modules, like Amazon book links, links to sites, blogs, polls, RSS feeds and picture galleries. Feel free to visit the lenses and, maybe, make one of your own: