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Resa Drijsen

Since April 1, 2006 I am working for EOM Data Solutions, a SAS partner in the Netherlands. I am a SAS Consultant since 1997 of which the first three years as an employee of SAS Institute in the Netherlands. The first year I worked as an after-sales consultant, since then as a data warehousing/Bussiness Intelligence Consultant


A (non conclusive) list of projects that I have worked on:

  • Creation of a warehouse and ETL with warehouse administrator at a large retail company and for a government ministery
  • Creation of ETL with DI Studio at a Telecom company
  • Creation of ETL to "load" ABM and generation of reports on the outcome of ABM at an international operating bank.
  • Warehouse project at a large insurance company


Experience with SAS since version 6.12. Knowledge and experience with (amongst others) the following modules:

Additionally also experience with:


If you like to get more information, you can mail me at:


EOM Data Solutions Homepage (in Dutch)
EOM Data Solutions Homepage (in English)
EOM Data Solutions page in


Ever since I started working for EOM Data I have also taken a particular interest in Linux and Open Source, partially because it is the main OS used at EOM Data and partially because I am (sometimes) somewhat of an anarchist.
As such the main OS I had running on my (company) laptop was Ubuntu. In the mean time I have changed over to Fedora since this is closer to the (officially) by SAS supported Linux software

On my laptop I run SAS on Virtual Machines (using VirtualBox) with as OS CentOS. Main reason for CentOS is the fact that this is the free (as in free beer) version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) which is officially supported by SAS. For the clients I am running Windos 7 in a separate VM
Also, since february 2009, I have been trying to maintain my blog in which I post things that -- for me -- are interesting with regard to live, Linux and work.

Other Social Networks

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