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Matthew Russell
University of Minnesota, Department of Forest Resources
St. Paul, MN


Matthew is an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota specializing in modeling forest resources. He has been using SAS for ten years.
He works closely with researchers in the UMN Department of Forest Resources and US Forest Service, Northern Research Station (Forest Inventory and Analysis Unit).

UMN Dept. of Forest Resources
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Papers on sasCommunity
Markov Chains and Zeros in My Data: Bayesian Approaches in SAS® that Address Zero-Inflation in Count Data Paper presented at SAS Global Forum 2013, co-authored with B. Gray
Testing the Bayesian Suite of SAS® Procedures using Ecological Data and Comparing Simulations with WinBUGS Paper presented at MWSUG 2012
Using SAS® to Navigate the USDA Forest Service’s Forest Inventory and Analysis Database Paper presented at NESUG 2011, co-authored with P. Radtke and A. Weiskittel
Using SAS® to Navigate the USDA Forest Service’s Forest Inventory and Analysis Database Companion poster presented at NESUG 2011

Peer-reviewed articles that use SAS/STAT
Assessing and modeling snag survival and decay dynamics for the primary species in the Acadian forest of Maine, USA Forest Ecology and Management 284:230-240 , co-authored with A.R. Weiskittel

Implementing regional locale and thinning response in the loblolly pine height-diameter relationship Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 34(1):21-27, co-authored with R.L. Amateis and H.E. Burkhart
Procedures: NLIN

Biomass partitioning in a miniature-scale loblolly pine spacing trial Canadian Journal of Forest Research 39:320-329 , co-authored with H.E. Burkhart and R.L. Amateis
Procedures: SYSLIN (Does anyone use SYSLIN anymore?)