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My name is Kathy Council. I am Vice President of Publications at SAS and a member of the SAS Global Users Group Executive Board. I was the 10th employee hired at SAS back in 1977. I celebrated my 30th SAS anniversary in October, 2007 so you can imagine the number of changes I've seen over the years.

As a baby...

I started using SAS in 1972 when I worked as a statistician at North Carolina State University (Go Wolfpack!) in the Student Research office. With only a modest background in programming, I fell in love with the power of the SAS DATA step at first sight. Coupling that with the reporting and statistical capabilities put me in the role of providing quick and dirty ad hoc reports for many of my colleagues in Student Affairs so that they didn't have to submit a request to the central computing organization at the university. I was their hero. :-)

Joining the SAS team

I was getting my Masters in Statistics during that time and I met the SAS project team who were members of the STAT department. They were familiar with my writing, since I wrote research reports as part of my job. They called me in the summer of 1977 and asked me to come to work with them at SAS. From day one, I wrote documentation as well as other promotional material for SAS.


The rest is history. After a few years at SAS I began organizing the annual SAS users group. Working with each year's conference chair, SAS planned the location of the meeting (SUGI) and managed the logistics. In that role, I became a SAS designee to the Executive Board. I'm still on that board representing SAS.

SAS Publications

My division at SAS is responsible for writing and delivering the documentation that accompanies SAS software. Most of that documentation is delivered online, but we also provide users who prefer hardcopy doc with that, using a print-on-demand vendor.

In addition to our regular documentation, Publications coordinates the work of SAS users and employees as the right books about using SAS software. These books are included in the SAS Press series and give a different perspective than the usage manuals written by SAS. Some of these books give case studies and example guides, getting started books, and books about using specific procedures or features. All our books and documentation can be seen on the web site in the SAS Bookstore.

Publications is also responsible for the SAS Learning Edition, which is a shrink-wrapped version of SAS that offers users an inexpensive way to learn SAS.

In my free time


When I'm not at work, I love to paint. I started taking lessons in the early nineties and love to do it. The picture you see here is one of my early watercolors. The original hangs in my office at SAS and the gif file here is the background on my pc. My favorite subject is florals because I love the use of color. Most of my work is done from photos. If you have a favorite flower picture, especially one that has been taken with a macro feature and shows shadows and detail, send it to me. No promises, but hey!