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DonH had asked me about differences between Blogspot and the Wiki. Let me list a number of items:

  1. First of all, Blogspot is a lot more attractive.
  2. Blogspot has better archiving method. The months are listed and only the title of a blog is shown unless it is the active blog.
  3. I can maintain a profile on the Blogspot page
  4. I can have permanent links on the Blogspot page
  5. I can delete blogs on Blogspot
  6. The Wiki has a better editor for user comments. I like Blogspot's editor for the blog itself.
  7. Comments are listed under the blog entry on Blogspot whereas the Wiki puts the comments under discussion
  8. The Wiki requires too much mark-up work to be done whereas Blogspot handles that all for you.
  9. The Wiki can allow searching across blogs in a very narrow subject area, SAS, and that is a big compelling feature.

Overall, the Wiki is a great idea but blogging should be easier and more closely aligned with blog software such as Blogspot. Hopefully, the Wiki will mature to cover some of the differences I have seen.

The Wiki is great for certain content but not as good for others. Hopefully, we can let various types of software do their role and not muddy the 2 sides. I am posting this on but not sure if it is the right venue for blogs right now. Certainly an area to discuss as the community tests it out.