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Titles of Works in Progress

Hi Louise,

I notice that you recently began writing an article called Inprogress then changed your mind and instead wrote the article Document and Enhance Your SAS® Code, Data Sets, and Catalogs with SAS Functions, Macros, and SAS Metadata. As a consequence, Paul Kaefer has proposed your original article be removed, but I think that is not appropriate and, in the interests of trace-ability and history, the original article should be redirected to the new title.

Should you find yourself in this situation in the future and decide what you have just written should be given a different title then please first consider moving the page, rather than creating a new article and copying the text from the old one. The URL to Move a page is hidden under the little down pointing arrowhead to the right of the star at the top of the page. The advantage of moving the page means the page history of what you have previously written also moves to the new title. This doesn't happen if you just create a new page and copy the text from somewhere else.

Also, on the off chance you might not be aware of them, may I suggest you have a quick read of the guidelines that now exist for article titles. These have been around for a little while now. (Although, now I re-read them, I think they should also contain some advice about what to do if and when someone changes their mind about the title of an article.) - Cameron (talk) 17:36, 23 May 2017 (CDT)