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Hi User Incresearch,

Welcome to the sasCommunity. Please have a look at the Terms of Use concerning membership of the community by individuals. The website link you have provided in your user profile provides no indication of whether you, or the organization you work for, use SAS or not. So you need to demonstrate this requirement in some other way. Please note that if you do not use or contribute articles related to SAS software, products or services then your contributions may breach the requirements that Content posted on must be related to software and services provided by SAS Institute Inc., its business divisions, and its affiliates. and Use of a resource on this Website to advertise for goods, services, or employment opportunities is prohibited where such postings are unrelated or otherwise inappropriate to the topic of such resource. If you have any questions about your membership of the sasCommunity please feel free to post them here. - Cameron (talk) 04:37, 2 September 2017 (CDT)