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What email address is used with to announce wiki watch pages? I just realized I haven't been getting them for a long time. I use Yahoo has my provider (Small Business Package). Kim LeBouton

Still having trouble. I did my the email preference changes, although I never turn it off. I created a new id, KJLRegistrar, with a different email address (still yahoo). Made changes on a wiki article with original id to see if I would get watch email at the new id. Still can't. I did get the startup message from for my new id. I think that I still need the actual email address of the watch messages to add to my spam unblocker. Insert non-formatted text here


data perf;
  set s64(rename=(read=s64read write=s64write ser=s64ser deser=s64deser));
  set l64(rename=(read=l64read write=l64write ser=l64ser deser=l64deser) drop=size sersize);
  length pRead pWrite 8;
  label pRead='Read %'
        pWrite='Write %';
  %let MAX = 600000;
  if (l64read < &MAX and l64write < &MAX and s64read < &MAX and s64write < &MAX);
  if ranuni(-1) < .4;
  pRead = 100 * s64read / l64read;
  pWrite = 100 *s64write / l64write;

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tip of the day RSS feed?

Hi LainieH. You mention an RSS feed for the tip of the day at Talk:Tip of the Day. Is this feed still active? Where is it? The Twitter feed is great (and one can use IFTTT to get Tweets to email), but there are many RSS readers/methods of receiving items from an RSS feed via email. - paulkaefer (talk) 10:54, 8 August 2016 (CDT)