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Jump to: navigation, search is not SAS-L (although it used to mirror SAS-L content, and may do so again). So let's not mention or link to SAS-L for now. Also, there's no need to mention Google. Anyone who clicks on one of the subject lines will soon enough see the google site.

So the heading structure would be

Newsgroup > Recent topics from

For the Forums it might be

Discussion Forums > Top threads from

RunSunmit gets very little traffic and does not merit this much exposure. I say leave it off the main page (but see below).

Blogs box can also disappear. The Planet is already one click away from every page; that's good enough

"Content" is too vague. It's all content. How about Pages > Recent articles

Tips is a bit odd since the new tips shown will usually not be in the "all tips" list (which covers only tips IN USE). So let's move the all-tips link up to the line with prior/next/random. They all work with the same subset.

That leaves 4 boxes. A 2x2 grid is better than spreading them across (consider people using small screens).

sasCommunity stuff should have primacy, so make the large heading like "What's New at" followed by the Page and Tip feeds.

Then another large heading like "What's New Elsewhere in the SAS World" followed by the boxes for newsgroup and forums.

Some things are left out. If we can get a rotation mechanism working, the various major and minor feeds can take turns appearing on the main page.

I'm also wondering if new wiki articles and tips can be interleaved in a single list. If not, the Tips feed can probably be dropped, since Tips are already getting a lot of prominence on the main page.

--Howles 13:54, 17 August 2010 (UTC)

maybe we should add that feedback link to get feedback from users? I will add this to cabwiki too--LainieH 14:22, 17 August 2010 (UTC)

I typically agree with Howard's suggestions and do, again, this time with the exception that I really think that it is important to get and include the SAS-L feed.

As for the junk mail on the usenet, would it be difficult to add a filter to remove some of it? While I typically hate such filters, in the present case I think that over-filtering (to produce a summary of relevant highlights) would be far better than under or no filtering.

Also interesting, under the actual SAS Forum's box, the most active post actually appears to be the Australian rant about EG and, interestingly, it isn't shown in the most active box.

Art T

Certainly the SAS-L feed is desirable. My suggestions are based on what's available now.

As to filtering spam from the newsgroup feed: (1) Need to know if there is a spam filter that can work with the widget but (2) I'm not sure that there's enough spam to warrant the bother. --Howles 23:45, 18 August 2010 (UTC)

I would just hate to risk suggesting that sex, nudity, viagara and various enhancement pharmaceuticals are popular in the sas community .. regardless of whether they actually are or aren't.


Conversely, there is the question of what we want the added section to achieve and that might have more than one answer. I personally think there could be at least two elements: (1) like Howard suggested, a summary of the most active topics from the most active sources. That, basically, is what it is currently shaping up to be.

However, (2), is the fact that most people don't get their answers from reviewing such pages but, rather, from doing searches on all available pages. One of my goals is to entice others into contributing to such pages, regardless of where those pages are or how much activity they get. With that goal in mind, I have to think that one way of getting others to contribute is to show a section of LEAST answered questions, without reference to where the pages originate. I.e., not a plug for one or another site but, instead, a common reference for finding questions that are waiting on acceptable answers.

That may or may not be possible or easy given the technology: it would have to be monitored as it wouldn't be serving its purpose if it included questions that have already received an acceptable answer.

Art T

Lainie, I'm responding to your email, here, so as not to inundate anyone's mailbox.

The question of which sites to include on the most popular topics is one I can't address. My original concern was that it was missing sas-l but, as Howard pointed out, it was also missing "Are there other sites that would be equally useful?" and "Do any require their own windows or is a simple listing sufficient?" are questions for which I, personally, can't speak for the entire community. My personal vote would be to keep sas forums separate, combine sas-l and, and combine the others.

The newer proposed part, if doable, would only require one box/window/frame (or however it is defined) namely a listing of currently not-adequately answered questions from as many of the sites from the above paragraph. As I've mentioned, that could probably not be merely an automatic feed as which questions have not yet received adequate responses would likely require a human evaluation.

Art T

I can't add anything to help why the RSS feed isn't working but, as for the link to show all sas-l posts, I'd use:

That way, when one accesses the list, the most recent posts are shown at the top.

--Art T 17:57, 28 August 2010 (UTC)