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Welcome! and please see Talk:OctoPerf – JMeter on Steroids

Hi, Leviya, and welcome to our community!

I do want to note that according to our terms of use, "By posting your content, you warrant and represent that you either own or otherwise control all of the rights to that content...".

Is that true with the article you started?

Please weight in on Talk:OctoPerf – JMeter on Steroids, or we might have to remove the page.

Otherwise, thanks for joining our community. If you would like to discuss further, or are seeking any help editing content, feel to comment here or on my talk page. = paulkaefer (talk) 08:59, 22 August 2017 (CDT)

Hi Leviya
Like Paul, I also have an issue with the article you have contributed. I think it needs to be edited mercilessly so it is fit for purposes. But before that happens I would invite and strongly encourage you to comment on why you liked the article enough to contribute it here. Understanding this could give us some insights into the best way to deal with this article. - Cameron (talk) 02:12, 28 August 2017 (CDT)