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Welcome and having copyright for files you are uploading

Hi Mwjadoo,

Welcome to the sasCommunity. I notice that over the past year or so you have uploaded a couple of dozen files. Before you upload another file, please become familiar with our rules.

Before uploading files of documents or images to the sasCommunity, you should hold the copyright for the document or image you upload either because it is entirely your own work or else you have the permission of the original copyright holder. Unfortunately, the nom de plume you use and the lack of other information makes it difficult to prove who you are, where the files you have uploaded have come from, who holds the copyright for the files, and whether the files are legitimately uploaded with the permission of the copyright holder. In several cases you have uploaded a file over the top of an existing file that appears to have been genuinely uploaded by the original author. The reason for overwriting these files was not explained at the time and this could be construed as vandalism.

The fact the file might appear on another website does not give you the right to upload a copy of it here.

If files have been sourced from another website, rather than also uploading the file here, please contribute an article describing the paper or image(s) and include the URL to the original file as part of that article. This avoids any copyright issues because you contribute the article.

For the files you have already uploaded, please provide details of your copyright to each file, or what permission you have from the copyright holder to upload the file. You can provide this information by editing each file page's comments or discussion page when you have uploaded the file. If you do not hold the copyright for a file then please nominate it for removal on these pages too. Please provide this information as soon as you can, because if the information is not provided then the uploaded files are likely to be removed by other users.

If you are going to continue contributing to the sasCommunity then please also consider contributing articles that provide abstracts of the papers you upload or use the images you upload. This makes it easier to find the content you have uploaded and gives the files "context". - Cameron (talk) 06:15, 2 July 2017 (CDT)