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Using Macro Functions

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Many macro functions are very analogous to those of the DATA step. The differences are in how they are used and applied. While DATA step functions are applied to values on the Program Data Vector, PDV, macro functions are used to create, modify, and work with text strings. Initially this may seem like a minor difference, but because macro functions deal with text, they can be used to build SAS code. This becomes the powerful advantage of the macro language.

The use of various macro functions will be presented. Some of these functions return quoted results, and macro quoting functions will be introduced. Examples will include functions like %SYSEVALF and %SYSFUNC, which were new to V6.11 and V6.12, as well as, various Autocall macros. Several of the examples are adapted with the author’s permission from “Carpenter’s Complete Guide to the SAS® Macro Language, Second Edition”.

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