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Using ODS Object Oriented Features To Produce A Formatted Record Layout

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This paper uses the Fiscal Year 2005 State Library Agencies Survey to demonstrate the usefulness of storing the survey metadata in an Excel spreadsheet. The metadata were originally stored in a Word document, and not easily available to the programmer. When the metadata are stored in a spreadsheet, we can read it with SAS® and have it available to produce the required database documentation. We can also produce the formatted record layout as RTF, which looks almost identical to the original Word document. To produce the formatted record layout, we use the new data _null_ ODS object oriented features experimentally available in SAS 9.1.3. We note that when changes are made to the metadata in the Excel spreadsheet, they easily flow to both the formatted record layout and the database documentation.

Online materials

The NESUG 2008 paper
Zip file of data, SAS code, and output

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