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Using Sysfunc Getoption

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The combination of sysfunc and getoption can be used to get the value of an option.

This example is from the PassInfo macro.

%put PASS-INFO:$12   :FullStimer=%sysfunc(getoption(fullstimer));
%put PASS-INFO:$80   :MemSize   =%sysfunc(getoption(MemSize));
%put PASS-INFO:  4,32:SortSize  =%sysfunc(getoption(SortSize));
%put PASS-INFO:  4,32:SumSize   =%sysfunc(getoption(SumSize));
%put PASS-INFO:$128  :SysIn     =%sysfunc(getoption(SysIn))*;

Need to save the value of an option for later reset?

%let    LineSize = %sysfunc(getoption(linesize)); run;
options LineSize = max;
options LineSize = &LineSize.; 
%SymDel LineSize;

--macro maven == the radical programmer 16:18, 13 August 2007 (EDT)