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Using sysfunc with file functions to overwrite altlog

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This set of statements opens a file, writes text, and closes the file.

%*2. overwrite altlog.cfg;
%let FileSpec = !SASuseAltCfg;
%let Text     = -altlog "!SASuseAltLog\%sysfunc(DateTime(),hex16.).log";
%let LrecL    = %length(&Text.);
%let FileRef  = AltLog;
%let Rc       = %sysfunc(filename(FileRef ,"&FileSpec."));
%let Fid      = %sysfunc(  fopen(&FileRef.,o,&LrecL.,e));
%let Rc       = %sysfunc(   fput(&Fid.,&Text.));
%let Rc       = %sysfunc( fwrite(&Fid.));
%let Rc       = %sysfunc( fclose(&Fid.));
%SymDel  FileSpec Text LrecL FileRef Rc Fid;

Example altlog.cfg:

-altlog "!SASuseAltLog\41D664159896C8B4.log"


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