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Using sysfunc with intnx

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Don Henderson to SAS-L on Friday 2008-Jun-06

Depends on how you use it. Nested %sysfunc calls are not always needed. It depends on whether you can use SAS functions to do what you what instead of addition/subtraction. Consider the following:

%put Yesterday: %sysfunc(intnx(Day,"&sysdate"d,-1),yymmdd10);
%put Tomorrow:  %sysfunc(intnx(Day,"&sysdate"d, 1),yymmdd10);
%put Beginning of Last Week: %sysfunc(intnx(Week,"&sysdate"d,-1),yymmdd10);
%put Beginning of This Week: %sysfunc(intnx(Week,"&sysdate"d, 0),yymmdd10);
%put Beginning of Next Week: %sysfunc(intnx(Week,"&sysdate"d, 1),yymmdd10);