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Using the OPTION= Option to Determine an Option's Setting

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Did you know that: You can determine the specific setting of a SAS option without having to print out all of the SAS options and then weed through the SAS log looking for it. Oh yes, it's true; simply code the following:

proc options option=bufno;

...which produces the following one-liner in the SAS log for my SAS-under-Windows installation:

BUFNO=1           Number of buffers for each SAS data set

Pretty nifty, eh?

Oh, if you are like me and want scads of information, you can add the DEFINE and the VALUE keywords:

proc options option=bufno define value;

That will get you a veritable book on the particular option:

Option Value Information For SAS Option BUFNO

   Option Value: 1
   Option Scope: Default
   How option value set:  Shipped Default

Option Definition Information for SAS Option BUFNO

   Group= SASFILES
   Group Description: Library and member file information
   Group Description: Performance settings
   Description: Number of buffers for each SAS data set
   Type: The option value is of type LONG
         Range of Values: The minimum is 0 and the maximum is 2147483647
         Valid Syntax(any casing): MIN|MAX|n|nK|nM|nG|nT|hex
   When Can Set: Startup or anytime during the SAS Session
   Restricted: Your Site Administrator can restrict modification of this option.
   Optsave: Proc Optsave or command Dmoptsave will save this option.

Submitted by Michael A. Raithel, The man who wrote the book on performance.. Contact me at my Discussion Page.