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Weigh in Motion Operations Analyst

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Note: This employment opportunity has expired and is no longer available. It has been retained for historical interest only.
For current listings see Employment opportunities.

COMPANY: Washington State Department of Transportation

POSITION: Weigh in Motion Operations Analyst - TPS3

JOB DURATION: Full Time - Permanent

LOCATION: Thurston County - Olympia, WA

DESCRIPTION:he Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is looking to hire a Transportation Planning Specialist 3 Weigh in Motion (WIM) Operations Analyst in their Transportation Data, GIS and Modeling Office (TDGMO) in Tumwater, WA.

Are you passionate about collecting and analyzing data? Can you transform that data into recommendations for process improvement or insights that inform decision-making? If so, and if you are an experienced and motivated individual who has strong analytical abilities, excellent communication skills, and experience using languages such SAS, R, or SQL to analyze large datasets, please consider joining our team.

At WSDOT, we honor diversity in the workplace and support one another with respect and trust. If you would like to join our team-oriented environment and enjoy continuously changing environment, and yet with a great deal of career stability and growth, definitely consider a career opportunity with WSDOT.



  • Two years as Transportation Planning Specialist 2 or equivalent classification, with at least one year of experience analyzing traffic data preferred.
  • Minimum of one year experience with weigh in motion or similar applicable experience.
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct traffic data analyses and generate summary datasets.
  • Verifiable knowledge, skills and abilities in conducting research and writing research papers.
  • Experience, knowledge and skills performing higher-level mathematical computations and statistical functions.
  • Advanced experience, knowledge, and skills creating, editing, and running queries to create output datasets and graphs using languages such as SAS, R, SPS, or SQL. Experience with SAS is highly preferred.
  • Experience and knowledge analyzing data, including performing quality assurance checks to ensure the data meet acceptable criteria.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

-Educational training in statistics and/or statistical software


  • Utilize higher-level mathematical computations, including statistical methods such as cluster analysis, to analyze weight data.
  • Use Statistical Analysis System (SAS), R, SPSS, SQL or other computer languages to perform complicated data extractions, transformations and summarizations in order to meet state and federal reporting requirements, as well as to investigate emerging research topics.
  • Develop new methods for analyzing traffic data and modeling traffic characteristics in order to meet changing business needs.
  • Lead traffic data quality assurance efforts, including the design and writing of programs for performing quality assurance tests on data.
  • Use concise writing and clear graphics to describe traffic characteristics identified through analyses of base data.
  • Create GIS maps depicting summarized traffic data in order to meet business needs.



Phone: 360-705-7758



Web site: [1]