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Oct 6, 2013
The site is now live in the new environment. You may edit the site as needed. The advisory board has worked to get the new version of MediaWiki software running. Many changes are already in place and more to come. As soon as we catch our breath we’ll notify you of all the updates. Read More.


Sep 30, 2013 is transitioning to a new server and Web hosting environment starting Oct. 2. During this time, the site will be locked to prevent page updates or modifications until the migration is complete. We expect that the migration will take approximately one week. Read More. Update

Sep 30, 2013

sasCommunity Update

Good News for sasCommunity.orgMembers!
Changes coming soon. . .As expands it has become apparent to the community's governing body, the Community Advisory Board, that in order for us to help the site grow we need to change site hosts. This change will allow us to implement some of the more recent advances in wiki technology.

The migration will take place in the next few months. Read More

Live Webinar: What’s Hot, What’s Not: Skills for SAS® Professionals

Jul 6, 2013

Kirk LaflerRegister for Kirk's Webinar
Live on Thursday, July 11
1 p.m. ET
Kirk Lafler is the speaker for the latest SAS Talks where he will discuss SAS® Enterprise Guide® as well as give an overview of hash techniques. Anyone who has attended one of Kirk's presentations will tell you this is a webinar you don't want to miss!

A frequent speaker at international, regional, special-interest, local and in-house SAS users group conferences and meetings, Kirk is also an emeritus Advisory Board member of

SAS User Online Forum Meetup at SAS Global Forum 2013

Mar 18, 2013

Ron Fehd
SAS User + Hat
= Ron Fehd

As you are deciding how to best manage your time at SAS Global Forum 2013, consider attending the SAS user online-forum meetup April 30th ,Tuesday night, between 6:30pm and 8:00pm. There will be a bulletin board in the conference registration area where you can sign up and find out where the meetup will be held.

Speakers will include: Mike Rhoads, Art Carpenter, Don Henderson, Peter Crawford, Phil Holland, Matt Malczewski, Joe Kelley and Art Tabachneck.

One of Ron Fehd’s famous hats will be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to the annual forum bookdrive, so you don't want to miss it! Read More

SEUGI 1983 - SEUGI 2003 Conference Proceedings Now Online

Feb 8, 2013

Searchand find SEUGI papers from 1983-2003
SEUGI 1983
1st European Users Conference

From 1983 through 2003, SAS users and SAS developers in Europe gathered together in conference, annually, both to share the unique ways they use SAS in their diverse work environments and to reveal new functionality. At the end of each annual conference, the SAS European Users Group International (SEUGI) collected all the individual papers (and posters) which were presented in conference proceedings. These historical proceedings contain a vast number of papers which contain methods and techniques that are not available anywhere else to the SAS User Community.

Until now, these SEUGI proceedings have not been accessible online - they were available only in bound paper volumes. After the success of placing historical SUGI proceedings online, the SAS Global Users Group Executive Board began a project in May 2012 to make historical SEUGI papers available online to the global SAS Community on