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Where in the World are SAS/GRAPH Maps?

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Where in the World are SAS/Graph® Maps? An Exploration of the Old and New SAS® Mapping Capacities

Louise S. Hadden, Abt Associates Inc., Cambridge, MA
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SAS® has an amazing arsenal of tools to use and display geographic information that is relatively unknown and underutilized. This presentation will highlight both new and existing capacities for creating stunning, informative maps as well as using geographic data in other ways. SAS provided map data files, functions, format libraries and other geographic data files will be explored in detail. Custom mapping of geographic areas will be discussed. Maps produced will include use of both the annotate facility (including some new functions) and PROC GREPLAY. Products used are Base SAS and SAS/Graph. SAS programmers of any skill level will benefit from this presentation.

Online Material

The full paper: Paper 1341-2014 : Where in the World Are SAS/GRAPH® Maps? : An Exploration of the Old and New SAS® Mapping Capacities

20 minute powerpoint: Presentation (shorter) for SAS Global Forum 2014.

50 minute powerpoint: Presentation (longer) for NYASUG 2013.

Tip Sheet: SAS Maps Online Resources - Tip Sheet

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