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Which SASAUTOS Macros Are Available to My SAS® Session?

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Harry Droogendyk

Stratia Consulting Inc.

Lynden, ON


The SAS installation process makes a number of SAS supplied macros available to your SAS session via the SASAUTOS option. In addition, useful macros created by users in your organization may be made available to SAS users via SASAUTOS or by way of the Compiled Stored Macro facility. But… how do I know which macros are available? And, if a macro has been defined in more than one location, which one will be utilized? This paper will explain the different methods of defining and storing macros, discuss how SAS searches for macros, demonstrate how to specify the appropriate options to allow access to compiled stored macros and define the SASAUTOS search order. The meaty stuff will involve a walk through %list_sasautos, a useful utility macro written by the author, that will identify all of the macros available to your SAS session.

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