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Why Do I Go To SAS Global Forum

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Why Do I Go To SAS Global Forum?

Well, the simple answer is “Because I have to go”.

It’s not like when I was young and I did not want to go to (pick one… school, the dentist, visiting anywhere with my parents….) and my parents told me “You have to go”. This time there is no grown- up forcing me to go.

It’s not because I am a Section Chair, although the phrase “What do I look like, chopped liver?” might be an apt description of me if Lauren Hayworth, the 2010 SAS Global Forum Conference Chair heard me say that. Being a Section Chair is an honour and enhances the reason I go, but it’s not the reason I go.

It’s not because I am an Invited Speaker, although to Harry, and Zul and Nancy the term “Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered” would be how they would think of me if I did not show up. Being asked to speak at SAS Global Forum is a great thrill and it really energizes me, however it’s not the reason I go.

I go to SAS Global Forum because it is the best way for me to try to stay on top of what is going on in the world of SAS. Yes, I could stay home, save some money and maybe read some of the papers online, maybe try to find out from friends who went what thought was interesting. But that would not really help me. I really do not have to go. Although a little more radical, it is much like my decision to have surgery to deal with my cancer. I do not have to have surgery, there are other treatments, but in the end they are not as effective. I could try to keep on top of what is happening in SAS by not going to SAS Global Forum but in the end I could never learn as much as I learn by going to SAS Global Forum. I am a SAS professional. I need to knowledgeable. I need to be current. That is why ''I have to go''.