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Windows PowerShell and SAS: Use Them to Drive Each Other Crazy

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by Chris Hemedinger

ABSTRACT Windows PowerShell is a flexible scripting framework that is built into the most recent versions of Microsoft Windows. As a framework that can support sophisticated programming logic, you can use Windows PowerShell to automate your SAS processes in concert with other processes that you drive from your Windows PC or server. And because it's a command-driven scripting engine, you can use SAS programs to drive PowerShell commands and scripts, allowing you to pipe a variety of data sources directly into your SAS session for analysis. Use PowerShell to drive SAS and use SAS to drive PowerShell…but without driving yourself crazy!

These links describe how to get started with Windows PowerShell, and provide plenty of examples of using PowerShell to automate your SAS processes, as well as examples of how to call PowerShell commands from within SAS to enhance your SAS analyses.