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Wisconsin Illinois SAS Users

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Educational and Networking Events for SAS Users in Illinois, Wisconsin, NorthWest Indiana, NorthEast Iowa, etc.


An occasionally changing group of unpaid volunteers has been organizing and hosting educational and networking events for SAS users in the north central part of the United States, continuously offering programs since 1986.

Full conference details and registration, when available, are accessed at

There are no membership fees, no dues, and no formal membership process. Event attendance is open to any pre-registered and pre-paid interested person, from any geographic location.

If you are interested in our events, please send us your name, affiliation, postal mailing address, phone number, and email address. For email, please do not use a group email address. If your employer's mailroom filters out postal mail that it deems unnecessary, you may wish to use your home address (but tell us your affiliation). We send only First Class mail. Send the information to

Wisconsin Illinois SAS Users (WIILSU) Conferences are organized and hosted by Software User Services, Inc., which is the unpaid-volunteer-staffed and not-for-profit administrator for SAS user conferences in the North Central USA.

If you have any questions, wish to volunteer to speak, wish to host an event at your company, or wish to help underwrite a future event, please communicate with Dr. LeRoy Bessler at or 1-262-512-1729.

Check out our web site at