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ZIP Code 411: Decoding SASHELP.ZIPCODE and Other SAS® Maps Online Mysteries

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SAS® provides a very useful file called SASHELP.ZIPCODE. This file is relatively unknown and under-utilized. This paper explores current and potential uses of the file, as well as how to update the file on a quarterly basis by accessing SAS MapsOnline. The authors also provide a walk-through of several programming projects that they have recently conducted. Data and programming resources provided by SAS and other sources will be highlighted.

Online Materials

View the pdf for SASHELP.ZIPCODE 411 and SAS MAPSONLINE.

Download a Zip File with Code and Data for Examples in Paper (and more!).

Zip Code 411 Paper Given at SUGI 31.

Sample Data and Programs for Zip Code 411 Paper Given at SUGI 31 Coming soon - email in meantime

See the Large Panel of the Poster PDF.

See the Side Panel of the Poster PDF.

Download a PDF with "Clickable" resources.

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