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The sasCommunity Guidelines are a collection of wiki articles that explain how the sasCommunity generally expects things to be done in various situations. Although these guidelines are not hard and fast rules, they do represent a consensus opinion of sasCommunity members or document the socially acceptable standards of behaviour expected of contributors that will achieve the goals and vision of the sasCommunity.

Current guidelines

Additions and Changes

Guidelines can change as the community consensus evolves. And you can contribute to this change by discussing any guidelines you think are a barrier to achieving the goals and vision of the sasCommunity. Also, you can be innovative and propose new guidelines if you think a particular community activity or practice needs to be documented formally so that all users are aware, rather than just those who are contributing to a specific article or topic.

Because guidelines are achieved by consensus, there should be discussion and agreement among users that a guideline is needed first. Obvious practices that have been adopted and accepted by many users as standard ways to do things may not need a guideline. It is when there is disagreement, or wide variation in existing practices, that a guideline becomes useful.

For example: If you have found a particular way of setting out a certain types of article works well for a lot of users, but some users have been setting things out in a different way, then you might want to discuss the best way to do things with those different groups of users. When the users reach a consensus about the best way to set out those articles that everyone finds acceptable, then document it as a guideline. You could even document the basic essentials that everyone agrees on as an initial proposal for a guideline and then work out and refine details through discussion about it.

Guidelines, Policy, and Terms of Use

Guidelines cannot override or replace Policy or the Terms of Use. However, they can help refine, promote, support and explain them.

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