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Helping other users supports the sasCommunity goal of being a collaborative community.

Ways to help

There are many ways you can help other users. Gardening the wiki is one way. Contributing to articles and discussing their content is another. You may also see another user making a mistake and want to correct it bu bringing it to their attention on their user talk page.

User questions

Other users will sometimes ask questions on an article talk page. If you feel you can provide an answer, please do so.

However, if the user is seeking help with a separate problem, rather than posing questions about the article or wanting to discuss the article's subject then the problem and your response should be moved off the talk page entirely. Perhaps the most appropriate place to move the problem discussion to is a new section on the originating user's talk page. That way the response will come to the user's attention promptly as a user message alert.

Seeking help

It is OK to ask for help.

You can ask for help by adding a question to an article's talk page. Though if you do please choose the best page for the question. Talk pages are normally used for questions about an article, so if your question is too far off the topic it will probably not be answered.