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Although the website is a "wiki" and runs the same Mediawiki software as Wikipedia does, that does not mean is Wikipedia. uses Mediawiki software for a reason: to make it extra easy to collaborate, contribute and connect. Although the software might be the same, there are some significant differences.

  • is not part of the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • has different Terms of Use. Particularly in the area of copyright.
  • You cannot edit anonymously. You need to log on to edit.
  • If you contribute, you should be a SAS User.
  • You can contribute original research. What you write can be a report of your own experimentation with SAS.
  • What you contribute will be read by other SAS Users, so you do not need to explain everything or simplify technical complexity so it can be understood by any man in the street, although it should be written so it can be understood by the SAS User in the street.
  • You should be contributing something related to SAS and SAS Users.

Despite these differences there are some similarities with Wikipedia:

  • has a similar culture to Wikipedia. Behaviour that is acceptable to Wikipedia users will usually be acceptable to users.
  • is a wiki and because it uses the same software as Wikipedia it operate in ways that are like Wikipedia.