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Users sometimes create test or practice articles to try out various wiki features or learn how to use the wiki. These pages should be categorized into the Category:Practice category.

What are practice articles?

Practice articles are often created by users testing out how a wiki works or learning how to use the wiki for the first time. Sometimes these pages are created as part of a format tutorial or training class held as a SAS user forum, meeting or conference. Sometimes these pages will appear to be graffiti or could possibly even be considered vandalism. Usually they will be created by new users and sometimes multiple users will create multiple pages all about the same time. If you observe this happening, please be patient and tolerant and wait to see what happens over a period of time. Users who are practicing will normally confine their activity to one or two pages and it should be fairly obvious from what they have written that they are merely trying things out.

Identifying test and practice articles

Test and practice articles may be identified by being categorized in the Practice category. They might also have a notice or message in the article somewhere that mentions it is a test or practice article, like the following notice that can appear at the top of the page of some articles.

This is a practice page. It has been created as an experiment to test out some feature of the wiki or as a training exercise.

Designating a Test or Practice article

To designate an article as a test or practice article put the text {{test}} at the beginning of the article text in the edit screen, or include the text [[Category:Practice]] in the article.

Creating test or practice articles yourself

If you are contemplating creating a test or practice article yourself, please consider creating it by using a link from your user page or user talk page. That way you can find it again and re-use it. Also, you may want to add the Test template to the top of the page by putting the text {{test}} at the beginning of the page. You can also conduct your tests by using your user page or user talk page.


Examples of user's tests or practice articles can be found in the Practice category. However, because most practice pages are not linked from any other pages they are listed here as well to avoid them becoming orphaned pages.