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This page is a sasCommunity work in progress. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts to the discussion or improve this page.

Sometimes you might come across a sasCommunity article that has been identified as a work in progress.

This page is intended to explain how to designate a page as a work in progress what this designation means.

What is a Work in Progress?

A work in progress is an article that needs more information contributed to it. It needs some sort of improvement or expansion. And the author is inviting others to contribute to the article. This is fulfilling one of the goals of the sasCommunity.

How is a Work in Progress designated?

To designate an article as a work in progress you can add the following template to the top of the article, or section.

{{work in progress}}

Alternatively, you can add a more personal or customized message to the article, (like the one at the top of this page), and include the following category link:

[[Category:Work in Progress]]

How to contribute to a Work in Progress

You can contribute to articles that have been designated as works in progress. If you think you can improve or expand the article please edit it and contribute what you know. Or, if you want to discuss the article, contribute to the discussion on the talk page.

What if someone else contributes to a Work in Progress I have written?

Please do not be upset if someone else modifies what you have written. Try to understand what has been contributed and why it might make the article better overall. If you disagree with what has been written, attempt to engage the other author in a discussion on the discussion page, or their talk page, before changing things too much. Correcting typos, grammar and spelling mistakes shouldn't need a discussion. However, changes in meaning should be discussed.