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I agree with Don on the use of categories

--Statprof 08:49, 9 March 2007 (EST)

Good Place for External Resources??

Maybe this is the place to catalog and link to important SAS resources which are outside

  • (perhaps including a few deep links, such as one directly to


  • SAS-L and
  • front end to conference proceedings
  • etc.

But not too many more; keep it short and selective.

(the above comment was added on 16 March 2007 by User:Howles)
I would disagree. On other wiki I have used, the equivalent page is the gateway page to or directory for the equivalent namespace. Links to external resources should be included in the page that has content relevant to the external resource link, say, as a reference. - not in a separate silo. - Cameron 15:22, 11 April 2013 (EDT)

How the sasCommunity Community Portal and namespace should be used

In the mediawiki concept of a wiki, the sasCommunity namepace is generically identified as the area for project pages. Wikipedia and many others use this space to administer, document, direct, manage, organise and discuss the what's, where's, when's, how's and why's the content of main part of the wiki becomes the way it should be. This is the documentation and metadata space for the wiki content. By having it, users are able to collaborate and do things the agreed way, rather than their own way. The Community Portal article is the gateway for accessing information about the user consensus for how to edit pages with confidence and know you won't be stepping on any body's toes to hard, nor put their nose out of joint too much. Thid is the place you can find the permission to edit an article and the boundaries of what you might do without causing annoyance. It is also a placde where conflicts can be resolved or at least explained.

I would see the sasCommunity namepace as being where the users of the sasCommunity can collaborate about producing content for the main part of the wiki. The sasCommunity namepace articles should explain the current concensus about how to go about developing the main namespace content. Discussion about how to achieve that consensus should take place in the sasCommunity_Talk namepace.

Putting this in terms of SAS concepts: Then main namespace is the equivalent of data and code; the talk namespace is the meta-data about that data and code, while the sasCommunity namespace is the documentation about what the data and code should do.

A lot of the content that should go in the sasCommunity namespace already exists and some of it is categorised as Category:SasCommunity, Category:Main Page Articles Archive or even Category:Guides. Additionally, a lot of discussion on talk pages results in consensus being formed that should be applicable across the whole sasCommunity. Although users are already producing this content, it fragmented, hard to find and no single source of the truth exists in one authorative reference place. In other words, we have a lot of common law spread about the sasCommunity wiki as decisions have been made on a case by case basis. But almost none of those decisions have been codified into some form of statute, rule book, constitution, articles of faith, riding instruction or guiding principles.

Mind you, I am not thinking we need a lot of article - to start with. Perhaps the 40 or 50 pages that already exist can be boiled down into a dozen or less key topics that all users need to know and understand.

Or am I barking up the wrong tree? - Cameron 07:35, 12 April 2013 (EDT)

After writing the above comments, and making various comments in other places, such as Help talk:Contents, I had some private correspondence about what I have said. Until now I have been unclear about how and where to start creating a structure for the sasCommunity namespace pages. However, I came across an article about Vision Statements and while discussing it, I realised that a good place to start is with some statements about the goals and objectives of the sasCommunity. There are several statements on the Main Page that set out the website's goals. For eample, the statement A collaborative online community for SAS® users worldwide has been around in various forms since March 2007. Surprisingly, nobody has thought to explain exactly what this statement means, and what its implications are. And this statement does have implications. As do several others on the Main Page. So let us begin collaborating with some sasCommunity articles that examine these statements with the intention of understanding them. - Cameron 04:35, 15 June 2013 (EDT)